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Market Research Consultancy

experts in technical B2B and niche consumer markets

Insight to help you understand market needs and growth opportunities…

Delivering Market Insight for Evidence-Based Decision Making

We are different because:

  1. We specialise in B2B and niche consumer audiences.
  2. We are experts in Science, Engineering, Technology & Industrial markets.
  3. We love to focus on what’s coming next (not just what’s already happened).

Here to help you…

  • …understand, connect, and engage with your target audience.
  • …strengthen your brand image & raise your profile.
  • …develop strategies that build customer loyalty.
  • …launch successful new products and services.
  • …take advantage of new opportunities and emerging trends.
  • …hone your pricing strategy to optimise revenues and profits.
  • …generate engaging PR and marketing content.
  • …drive thought leadership in your market.

We provide a full range of market research services:

Quantitive Techniques

We use quantitative research service to provide hard facts and numbers to facilitate evidence-based decision making.  Methodologies we use include:

  • Online surveys
  • Telephone surveys
  • Regional, national or international surveys
  • Defining and targeting niche or specialist audiences
Qualitative Techniques

We can deploy a range of qualitative approaches to provide depth of insight.  Our services include…

  • One-on-one depth interviews conducted in-person, by telephone, or online.
  • Online communities & online group research.
  • Traditional focus groups.
  • Regional, national, or international audiences.
  • Senior level executive interviews.
  • Onsite interviews in industrial contexts.

We can help your business with…

Market Expertise

Laptop and new media

IT, Telecoms & New Media

engineering enviroment

Industry & Engineering

Construction environment


Agriculture environment


Logistics environment

Distribution & Logistics

Sustainability environment

Green Economy & Sustainability

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