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Technology, IT and Innovation

The rapid pace of change that technology brings to our society impacts not only on technology markets themselves but on every industry and virtually every walk of life.

When looking at how new technology is impacting on a market, true insight often depends as much on understanding people as it is about the technology itself.

People don’t buy lists of technical features and capabilities – they buy the benefits that technology can bring.

In designing any research project that looks at technology and innovation, we always consider the extent to which people really understand the technology, how they feel about it, what benefits they see in it and what barriers stop them from using it. 

In short, our goal is to get to the heart of why and how people adopt new technology and new concepts (and indeed, why they might not!). 

Whether you are a technology business looking to better understand your market, or any other kind of business keen to see how technological change is impacting your market, we can help.

We have over 30 years of experience working in both b2c and b2b technology markets covering topics and issues as diverse as mobile phones, IT security, broadband services, IT infrastructure, parking apps, gaming, on-demand media, IoT, 3D printing, RFID and telecoms infrastructure.

Science, Engineering and Logistics

Highly technical markets often present unique and difficult challenges:

  • Reaching niche audiences.
  • Catering for people with widely varied degrees of technical knowledge.
  • Clearly articulating complex technical concepts.
  • Translating highly specialised technical terms into different languages.

Anyone who sells in these markets will know that their customers and prospects are not always technical experts.  Some are highly technically literate, but others may only have limited understanding of what they are buying.  Some may even harbour dangerous misconceptions!  As a result, success in these markets often depends on understanding and addressing these issues.

We have experience of these kinds of challenges and know how to design research projects to suit; targeting the right people with questions crafted to accommodate an audience whose actual technical understanding might vary wildly. 

Our past experience includes b2b and b2c markets for telecoms services, IoT, RFID, engineering machine tools, additive manufacturing, manufacturing industry trends, construction projects, animal nutrition, professional building trades, forklift trucks, logistics and engineering design services.

Gaming, Media and Leisure

COVID-19 has been a mixed blessing for the Leisure industry.  It has created an environment in which activities such as gaming, reading and media streaming have thrived.  But, on the other hand, most venue-based leisure attractions have clearly suffered.

This has brought much by way of change and uncertainty, leading to the acceleration of some trends whilst putting others on hold. 

Adapting to a changing environment, finding new ways to do business and catering for new customer groups and emerging trends are perhaps more critical now than ever before.  These are precisely the kind of questions we would love to help you with.

Our past experience encompasses everything from online gaming, gamer broadband experiences, e-sports, mobile gaming, on-demand media, outdoor adventure activities, cinema, art galleries and indoor skiing.

Education and Training

Our expertise lies in adult education, training or post graduate studies.  If you need help with a research project in these areas, we would love to hear from you. 

We can design and execute market research surveys reaching out to either b2c or b2b audiences (or both).  In most cases work in these fields will involve identifying and reaching out to specialist audiences – whether these are adults looking to learn a new language, people who are considering post graduate education or HR/Line Managers in businesses looking to provide training for their staff.

We have experience of designing research programmes for organisations as diverse as universities, adult language learning providers, professional training providers and other professional bodies.

Retail and Consumer Markets

Retail has been particularly hard hit by the COVID pandemic and, as a result many businesses have had to adapt fast to an online trading environment.  The Office of National Statistics figures show that the percentage of retail business done online in the UK jumped from 19% in 2019 to around 26% for 2020.  There would seem little doubt that the sector will continue to see significant changes over the next few years.

Synchronix offers market research services to help businesses respond effectively to these changes.  We are especially keen to offer our expertise to smaller and mid-sized businesses as they look to move their businesses forward and adapt to these changing times.

Our experience includes consumer projects for retail fashion brands, online shopping, sustainable products, food delivery services and food brands.

Start-ups and Small Businesses

Many of the major market research agencies design their services specifically to suit the needs of large corporate clients who want to commission big budget projects.  As a result, their services can often be beyond the reach of many smaller businesses and sometimes even larger ones on a tight budget. 

We are different. 

We understand SMEs need market research just as much as corporate clients.  We also understand you may not always want or need to commission a big project with a big budget.   For this reason, we offer products and services specifically designed to fit the needs of SME businesses.  SME clients will always be an important focus for us, never an afterthought.

We can offer practical help and advice to suit your budget – helping you to make the most of your money. We have developed some specific offers and services to suit SMEs and start-up with budgets of under £5,000.

You can find out more about these services by taking a look at our free guide.

Green Economy, Sustainability and Biodiversity

Investing in a sustainable future and tackling climate change will be the most significant challenge we are likely to face in the 21st century.

Investing in a greener economy is increasingly coming to be viewed as a priority by many governments.  As a result, many would regard this area as one way in which we might seek to stimulate economic recovery in a post-COVID world.

It is also the case that problems such as plastic pollution of our oceans and disappearing biodiversity represent worrying trends which we should all be concerned about.

We do not regard these issues with corporate indifference. These are causes we believe in and which align closely with our own values.  As a result, we offer a discounted service to not-for-profit organisations that actively work for a better future in the any of the following fields:

  • Promoting a greener economy
  • Environmentalism & promoting sustainability
  • Biodiversity & wildlife protection

Our experience in this field includes surveys with both consumers and businesses.  We have covered such issues as green construction/ building practices, sustainability initiatives in the business community, green energy and organic products.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in promoting equality, diversity and inclusiveness both in a work environment and in wider society.   As a result, we are keen to work with organisations and businesses looking to conduct research in this area.

We offer a discounted service to not-for-profit organisations that actively work to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in relation to:

  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Sexuality
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Gender Identity

Our experience includes work relating to disabled access in the workplace, online harassment and discrimination, and the negative online experiences of female gamers. 

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